Components and units of turbines

Ионное азотирование
для увеличения прочности изделий
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Knots and details of a flowing part of turbines, including:

impeller wheels
Nozzle devices (solid-milled, type-setting, welded).
Guide vanes
Clips diaphragm, cast, welded.

Knots and details of steam distribution and regulation of turbines, including:

Control valves.
Piston valve servomotors.
Cam switchgear.
Speed ​​regulators are articulated, membrane-belt, centrifugal.
Regulation blocks.Blocks of spools. Blocks of pressure regulators, speed regulators.
Spare parts for steam distribution and regulation.
Valves, seats, rods, bushings, spools, fists.
Automatic valve shutter boxes.

Other turbine components and parts:

Shock absorbers
Pipe systems
inserts are basic, persistent, basic and persistent.Blocks persistent. Crackers
Couplings are connecting.
Couplings are rigid, cam, semi-flexible, flexible, gear, friction.
Centrifugal oil pumps, gear.
Valves are different: check, type KOS, safety.
Cooling system filters
Fasteners: high pressure, specialized, guest. Studs and nuts of sizes from M10 to M 160. Material: Steel 35, EI10. EP182 and other materials.
Springs of compression, stretching, flat, serpentine.

Heat exchange equipment, including:

Network water heaters (PSV);
Regenerative air heaters (RWP);
Heat exchangers with fixed tube sheets, with a floating head, with U-shaped tubes;
Gas coolers
Steam seal condensers
Network heaters
Steam jet ejector