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LLC “Mashkomplect” is a recognized manufacturer of power equipment, components, spare parts for turbines produced by various plants (LMZ, UTMZ, Turboatom, NZL, KTZ) and auxiliary equipment for power stations.

Our company has many years of experience and highly qualified staff, which allows us to produce a complex technological range of spare parts.

Our customers are power stations of Russia, India, Vietnam, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Baltic countries, etc.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation and are ready to offer:

Manufacturing and comprehensive supply of energy equipment

Manufacturing and comprehensive supply of spare parts according to customer drawings

Competitive prices

Flexible payment terms

Short production time

Processing of your applications within 3 days

The production base of our company is located on the territory of 1600 sq.m. industrial and office premises. The workshops have the following production sites:

— procurement

— assembly and welding

— heat treatment and nitriding

— machining.

The machine park includes everything necessary for machining of various degrees of complexity and consists of:

— boring

— carousel

— drilling

— slotting

— milling

— turning, including, CNC, machine tools.

Components and units of turbines

Knots and details of a flowing part of turbines, including:

impeller wheels
Nozzle devices (solid-milled, type-setting, welded).
Guide vanes
Clips diaphragm, cast, welded.

Knots and details of steam distribution and regulation of turbines, including:

Control valves.
Piston valve servomotors.
Cam switchgear.
Speed ​​regulators are articulated, membrane-belt, centrifugal.
Regulation blocks.Blocks of spools. Blocks of pressure regulators, speed regulators.
Spare parts for steam distribution and regulation.
Valves, seats, rods, bushings, spools, fists.
Automatic valve shutter boxes.

Other turbine components and parts:

Shock absorbers
Pipe systems
inserts are basic, persistent, basic and persistent.Blocks persistent. Crackers
Couplings are connecting.
Couplings are rigid, cam, semi-flexible, flexible, gear, friction.
Centrifugal oil pumps, gear.
Valves are different: check, type KOS, safety.
Cooling system filters
Fasteners: high pressure, specialized, guest. Studs and nuts of sizes from M10 to M 160. Material: Steel 35, EI10. EP182 and other materials.
Springs of compression, stretching, flat, serpentine.

Heat exchange equipment, including:

Network water heaters (PSV);
Regenerative air heaters (RWP);
Heat exchangers with fixed tube sheets, with a floating head, with U-shaped tubes;
Gas coolers
Steam seal condensers
Network heaters
Steam jet ejector


Need metalworking parts? Are the terms «burning»?

The best option is to place an order with us at MASHKOMPLEKT! You can be sure that with us, the work will be performed in accordance with the highest standards and just in time.

Our craftsmen and engineers are true professionals engaged in metalworking for years and knowing all the details of this business. We work with details of any complexity thanks to a fleet of the latest technology, including modern numerical control (CNC) machines.

The level of our training allows us to carry out and rough, and semi-finishing, and finishing, as well as fine metal processing to order. The main trump card of our company has been and remains our specialists, thanks to whom we have achieved such success. Our staff not only masterfully handles equipment, but also controls the compliance of every detail with the necessary standards. It is thanks to the control that you, like us, can be confident in the quality of the products.

We value our reputation and therefore perform work on time. Each project has an authorized responsible person who controls and supervises the execution of work at all stages. We try to avoid emergency situations, so we plan our work in advance.

Ordering metalworking is easy; just provide us with a layout, drawing, photo, sketch, or 3D model.

In addition to metal processing, we also specialize in the manufacture of spare parts and parts for hydraulic and steam turbines, carry out welding work, perform heat treatment and ion nitriding of parts and carry out repairs.

LLC «MaskComplect»

194021, Russia, St.Petersburg, Novorossiyskaya st. 49, lit. А

192148, Russia, St.Petersburg, Sedova, st. 5

tel./fax: 8(812) 318-54-85, 318-54-86


Applications for the manufacture of equipment and services, please
send by email or fax.